5 Things to Ask your Contractor Before Hiring

Before hiring a contractor for any new construction, you should gather a list of questions to ask your potential contractor. You will want to have solid answers to each of your concerns before signing a contract. 

  1. Payment- This is one of the most important questions for customers to ask! What does the payment process and terms look like? Is there a deposit to book? Are the payments split up throughout the project? It is important to be aware of when payment is due to keep the project on track. 
  2. License and Insurance- Your contractor should be licensed in your state before completing your project. A contractor’s license means that the company meets state standards to hold the license. Yes, General Construction is licensed! Your contractor should also have two types of insurance: general liability and worker’s compensation. General liability insurance protects your property, if an accident occurs. Worker’s compensation insurance protects your property and yourself if a worker would be hurt while on your property. And yes, General Construction carries these insurances!
  3. Permits- Who files the necessary permits? What permits do we need? Most boroughs and townships require permits and inspections to ensure work is done properly. Your contractor should be the one to take care of this.
    New Construction, like this garage shown here, requires special permits. You contractor should take care of them for you.
    Many projects require special permits from local offices. General Construction Services doesn’t let you worry about filling our paperwork. We take care of it all!
  4. Communication- What is the best way to contact your contractor? In this day and age of technology, there are so many ways to contact each other. Knowing the preferred method of communication will allow for quicker responses! 
  5. Working Conditions- What is the work day like? What are the start and end times? Does someone need to be home while construction is taking place? These are all great questions to ask when work is being done to your property. The answers to these questions help when planning out your schedule.

This short list of questions can help you get answers about some of the most important aspects of your projects. General Construction Services is happy to answer these questions plus any more you may have! Feel free to contact us on our website contact submission, by phone 717-744-8111, or by email at sales@gcsbuilt.com.

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