Having a post frame or garage is a luxury for which more and more people are electing to increase functional space on their properties. Whether you need to store all your excess belongings neatly and securely, host large gatherings, or start a side business, General Construction Services has a solution for you!

Below are a few ways in which we can help you elevate the quality and aesthetics of your building:

Garage doors

Garage doors are one of the pieces that take up the most space on a building, so they should look good! Surely, a basic white, no-window, single garage door will get the job done, but there is a lot of options to spice it up. Check out Amarr’s website to see some of the gorgeous custom combinations that we could install for you! They feature over 46 door designs, 100 colors, 4 door material types, and 12 window options. The options are truly limitless.

Amarr’s “Carriage House”

Entry doors

Just like garage doors, the possibilities of entry doors are vast! You have choices between fiberglass or steel, standard or French, detailed glass, or none, and many more.

Porches or Lean-Tos

You need a shaded spot to kick back and relax! Give yourself the gift of a beautiful porch.

An Upcoming GCS Post Frame

Faux Brick Wainscoting

Faux brick is a more affordable option compared to the real thing but looks just as good. Preview a few options here. One great benefit of faux brick is that, because of the way it is manufactured, it is resistant to water: on the other hand, real brick fades over time.

Faux Brick Sample

We know there are SO many options when it comes to building your dream post frame or garage. General Construction Services strives to be the contractor of choice to help you navigate these tough decisions. Give us a call at 717-744-8111 or complete the Request for Quote Form,” and we will turn your dreams into reality.



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